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The Community Watch is a recurring format on the weekends that summarizes interesting stories, forum posts, links and news in the Neverwinterverse that are worth reporting, but don’t warrant a full own post. Overview detail of neverwinter community overview and get neverwinter astral diamonds ps4 with 7% off.

  • Developer Spotlights! Coming soon to the official forums!
  • Giveaways:
    • Suratuk’s Teal-Dusted Axebeak Neverwinter Mount Giveaway
    • Neverwinter PC Teal-Dusted Axebeak Giveaway
    • Neverwinter Free Teal Axebeak Mount Giveaway (PC)
  • Random FAQ or discussion threads:
    • Next mod should just be new dungeons and skirmishes that have tiered rewards for campaigns
    • Accumulating Wealth(AD and Zen)
    • What does 2x Refining Stone Include?
    • Daily speed runs are horrible
  • Builds and class related:
    • CW
      • Does Evocation Beat Storm Spell for AoE Now?
    • DC
      • Backup Buff\Debuff Enchant for DC
      • Neverwinter – DC DPS Run 25 min by CayleyNW
    • GF
      • Neverwinter Mod 13 – DPS GF Build
      • Neverwinter: GF Full tank build Ver 1.0 by SpartanDee Rush
      • Neverwinter Mod 13 – DPS GF Build 2018 by Integrity Games
    • GWF
      • Current Best Weapon Enchant for GWF?
      • Neverwinter Mod 13 – Final GWF Destroyer Build Unforgiven (1080p) by northside
    • HR
      • Best weapon enchantment for combat HR in M13
      • Black Personal Archer HR
    • OP
      • Burnadin usefulness and rotation
      • Burnadin vs Healadin vs Baneadin, and Bane details and rotation
      • How to play campaigns as a paladin?
    • SW
      • Power of the Nine Hells *Templock Mod13
    • TR
      • (TR) Is the Orcus set still the best?
      • TR Courage Breaker Nerf
      • Enyo’s Master Infiltrator PvE Guides (Mod 12b, Sab/Exec)
  • Guides, suggestions and theorycrafting:
    • Arax’s Quartermaster Enchants are Awesome Guide, Mod 13 Edition
  • Youtube:
  • Opening The Most Expensive LOCKBOX in Neverwinter!! Firemane Lockbox Opening! by TheNickFloShow
  • Neverwinter The Kamadan and Froghemoth and Little Gods Lost City of OMU by BY the People
  • Neverwinter – Suggestion for Cryptic – Fashion & Transmogs by Garlaanx
  • Neverwinter: Opening 5050 Adventurer Packs. Let’s see how bad they really are… by Rainer
  • Merchant Prince’s Folly [Gold] + Pants & Shirt | Neverwinter PS4 [Mod12b] by Girl Versus Game
  • Neverwinter- 15 MIN 8 SECOND TONG! WITH FRIENDS by Galactic Underwear
  • Neverwinter Weekly Walkthrough 3-6 Lost City of Omu Campaign Currency by DDM’s Realm
  • Neverwinter: Trade Bar Merchant & The Salvage Trader by Violet Ezkamiya
  • Neverwinter – Refinement Farming (2018) – Mod 12b & 13 by Huggybear Gaming
  • Blogosphere:
    • Fashion Bag! by Neverwinter Thoughts
    • Triumph of Death KS II: Concepts by Skull and Crown
  • Recruitment:
    • [PS4] Isle of Misfits (GH8) is recruiting!
    • Excalibur GH20 is now recruiting on Xbox
    • Poison Clan Alliance is looking for a new gauntlet on Xbox
    • [PS4] Death For Hire Alliance
    • Fate of the Fallen -GH 20 with full boons [Xbox]
    • [XBOX] The Dread Legion Alliance wants you!
  • Fan art:
    • Little art project I made with my partner?(Sgt. Knox)
    • Human Paladin


  • PSA: The elemental Evil campaign is easy as hell now!
  • Bugs:
    • Primal Weapons proc on overheals and full HP
    • Soulmonger Ampoule is it RNG or a weekly drop ?
    • Cradle of the Death God ampule bug
    • MOD 13 Rings Bonus don’t stack


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